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Passion is the trademark of our Company. Our enthusiastic team is working to deliver incredible gaming experiences to players from everywhere …

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The Core Team

The Games Play  team has several years experience working on high-profile video games and projects for prestigious publishers and development studios. Our team worked on multiple bestsellers on PC, consoles and mobile with a wide variety of genres such as strategy, racing, survival horrors or adventure games.

Technology is part of our work

We are developing our own middlewares and internal software to be able to create high-quality work for our partners, thanks to our technical knowledge and experience.


An Advergame must show how fun your brand is and help you to improve your visibility.

Thanks to our expertise, we know how to create something which will improve your brand and your communication. In this modern world, customers are invaded by information and advertising.

Internal and external communication needs to catch people’s attention. That’s why the games are one of the best solution : we pay more attention to brands when having fun !

The rules must be simple, your message must be direct.Don’t hesitate to contact us !